Is Beale park now only for privileged drivers?

Unfortunately, since last year from 29th September 2014, the bus 133/132 operated by Thames Travel was withdrawn from service. Therefore, there is no longer a bus service to and from Beale Park.

Another ‘ridiculous’ decision to cancel the only bus route to Beale Park without explanation could compromise our safety, according to angry parents.

“I took my son to Beale Park in October 2014 to celebrate Halloween. The website says it’s 1.2 miles from Pangbourne station, two stops out of Reading on the Oxford line. And the entrance is indeed 1.2 miles from the station. The walk from the station is along an idyllic country road marred only by the 50mph speed limit and the 60-70mph trucks whizzing by.

The driveway of the place is so long, probably a mile, so by the time we arrived my 3 years old child was quite tired and fell asleep in the cafe.”  Two faults here: Beale Park, for not making their amazing facilities accessible via a path to cut through from the road, and the Council, for cutting a bus service that bought you at least to the existing path.

For the privileged parents who drive, Beale Park is lovely place to spend this lovely summer days.

Beale Park Wildlife Park and Gardens provides a great day out for young and old with adventure, fun, animals, gardens, and activities on the banks of the picturesque River Thames.

The park is home to a diverse collection of animals, including meerkats, wallabies, raccoons, prairie dogs, monkeys, goats and numerous small mammals in the Pet’s Corner.