Five reasons to vote for Sarah Hacker (By Owen Jones)

We are supporting Sarah Hacker in the selection for Reading West’s Parliamentary Candidate.

The shortlisted of three candidates: included Sarah Hacker will attend hustings on March 10th the Pavillion in Oxford Road, where Reading West Members will be able to hear each of them present their case and vote to choose their candidate for the next election.

Sarah Hacker is our favourite candidate.

We are not alone! Union organisations (Unite, ASLEF, GBM), left-wing British political party Momentum and many individuals including Owen Jones have endorsed Sarah Hacker.

Here it is the Open letter from Owen Jones…

Five reasons to vote for Sarah Hacker (By Owen Jones)

This Saturday Reading West will choose it’s next Labour MP. With less than 3000 votes left here between Labour and the Tories it is vital that local members get along to Saturday’s meeting and vote for a candidate who can win here for Labour. I don’t have a vote in this selection, but if I did I would be voting for Sarah Hacker and here’s why;

  1. Sarah is local; Sarah knows what matters to voters in Reading West because she faces the same issues as them. Sarah has lived in Reading her entire life, and now she’s raising her family here. From traffic control to rent controls, Sarah understands what it’s like to live, work and bring kids up in Reading West.
  2. Sarah is experienced; having already spent 7 years representing you on Reading District Council, and a year as Mayor of Reading Sarah’s already proven she has what it takes to win for Labour and for Reading.
  3. Sarah is a working person; Sarah’s been a trade unionist her entire life, representing workers and fighting for equality. Sarah has always been, and always will be on the side of workers.
  4. Sarah supports Jeremy Corbyn; Sarah voted for Jeremy Corbyn, supports our manifesto and in 2016 she defended Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership challenge. Sarah is a committed socialist but more over she has fought for a united Labour Party behind Jeremy at every opportunity.
  5. Sarah is genuinely committed to ensure Reading West works for the many and not the few. You can find out more

You can vote for Sarah on March 10th, 12pm at The Pavilion 143-145 Oxford Rd, Reading RG1 7UY.

In Solidarity,