In love with Reading West!

Oxford Road Reading

Dec 2017 –

Yes we are very happily ensconced in our new small but lovely Victorian home! We are so pleased we made this move, we certainly know many more of our neighbours on this road now than where we lived in London for 12 years – we have just had Xmas drinks with the neighbours. My FiancĂ© also loves it here.

There are definitly small down sides though, the road can get ridiculously messy as it is so near to Oxford road takeouts, but usually clean it up soon-ish after you report it so that is good and they have definitely improved the foul fly tipping tendancy. There is a park around the corner which is fine, very convenient with kids but that I wouldn’t go to at night but again, we’ve never had any trouble, but some dingy cans at the park edges are a shame.

It is so central you can walk everywhere which is great, we have every kind of food, – so my cholestral levels have doubled! In addition to this there is a seriously fine coffee shop – workhouse coffee too. If you are like us, and you like to have everything you need right by, you don’t mind the slightly rough edges here and there and you like an animated and really diverse and super-friendly community and then this is the right zone for you.