Street cleaning at Reading West is not up to standard

Street cleaning at Reading West is not up to standard

Reading West Online recently surveyed a number of properties across Reading West.
We found high levels of dissatisfaction over street cleaning and the council’s failure to remove dumped rubbish quickly.

Street cleaning around Oxford Road seems to have been neglected for many years. Cigarettes, empty cans and take away boxes are becoming part of the landscape of our neighborhood.

Walking just off oxford Road you can see immediately that the road had not been swept properly for sometime especially on the side where cars are parked.

“You wouldn’t believe street cleaners are employed around here with the months of photos taken shown the litter issue.” (Reading West resident which didn’t want to be named)

The council should get-tough approach to prosecuting those responsible for fly-tipping, also they should make sure businesses have waste contracts in place, new measures to stop recycling waste blowing down streets, and a review of street cleaning rotas to ensure streets are swept after bin collections have taken place rather than just before.