The truth about Cow Lane Bridges development

We stand for what we think is right, sometime it is Labour (well most of the time) others times it is Tories, However we are quite disappointed to see that both parties are trying to get credit for this long overdue issue. Please the population of Reading is not completely stupid!

Proposals for the Cow Lane Bridges development go back many years to the time when Conservative Sir Tony Durant was MP for Reading West. He made proposals for widening this woeful road 40 years ago but was blocked and turned down by Labour controlled RBC. Only when Labour had their own MP did RBC agree and tried to secure funding. But back then Labour could not raise the funds. It was the Libdem/Tory led coalition government with support from our Reading West MP Alok Sharma that secured the funding to benefit the people of Reading West.

Since then we have only had delay after delay for different reasons and the latest excuse is that the project had to be redesigned and costed because one storage business in Cow Lane objected to the scheme. Frankly they should be boycotted by all as it is quite wrong and they are failing in their PR and failing the community many of whom are clients using their services.

Non-driving Parents and children cannot reach the river to enjoy it as other Reading citizens do and tens of thousands of people are held up every single day because of one objection by one business. How utterly selfish.

The sooner this is resolved the better.

This is a true story which all parties have frustratingly failed to deliver on, for over 40 years and we still waiting

Credit to the people of Reading West for their immense patience and perseverance.